Top 5 worst selling cars of Pakistan in 2021

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There are multiple cars that haven’t performed well when it comes to sales in 2021. This article included the list of the worst-selling cars of 2021.

The list only features automobiles launched before 2021. 

Vehicles From Non-PAMA Members

No official data is available for car companies not under the Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA). Their inclusion is based on not being common on the roads despite being launched before 2021.

Kia Picanto


It has been over two years since Picanto debuted in Pakistan as the prime rival of Suzuki Cultus and WagonR, but it has since played second fiddle to the much more popular Cultus.

Unofficial reports indicate that the company sold over 22,300 vehicles in 2021, around 35% being Picanto’s sales. The vehicle is yet to gain significant popularity in the market. It is why the car has been included among the worst-selling cars of 2021 in its segment.

United Bravo


Launched in September 2018 as a competitor of Suzuki Mehran, United Bravo was presented as an impressive value proposition, but it failed to capture the market like its immensely popular competitor.

According to its reviews on different forums, the car’s most common issues are:

  • Poor built quality.
  • Cramped cabin space.
  • Rough ride quality.
  • Aftersales services leave a lot to be desired.

Vehicles from PAMA Members

PAMA companies have publicly shared their official sales data, according to which the sales of the following cars have lagged significantly.

Honda BR-V


According to the official data, Honda Atlas Cars Limited (HACL) sold only 4,235 units of the BR-V in 2021, which is a relatively low figure. However, BR-V is the only option for those considering a locally-assembled seven-seater crossover SUV under PKR 4 million.

Suzuki Swift


The data suggest that the PSMC sold only 1,815 units of Swift in Pakistan in 2021, which is almost 3.3% of the total sales of Suzuki Alto in 2021.

Isuzu D-Max


Although the demand for pickup trucks in Pakistan is not high, Ghandhara Isuzu has performed particularly poorly in the sales of its only passenger vehicle in Pakistan — the D-Max pickup truck.

Isuzu only sold 428 units of the D-Max (all variants) in 2021.

D-Max has struggled to keep up with the competition ever since its launch in 2018. Regardless, its future in Pakistan seems bleak because of its lack of demand.

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    • Only issue is, we as a nation generally get super scared to cross 1000cc engine.
      Although, Swift is a very economical car, gives 500km+ on full fuel tank.
      Another underrated car was CIAZ…. a highly comfortable and fuel efficient car got died in typical Pakistani mentality.
      Sad reality though!!!!

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