Top Pakistani actresses who got lip fillers

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Pakistani celebrities are always exploring different ways to maintain their gorgeous looks. Everything is acceptable for good looks, whether going through any treatments, plastic surgeries, or lip filler procedures. You must have been observing the Pakistani female actresses with plump lips these days. The next thought you will be having is their natural lips were not the same. So, they have got done with lip fillers treatment.

Here is a list of top Pakistani actresses who have gone through lip fillers treatment:

Fiza Ali

Fiza Ali has changed her looks with lips augmentation. She got lip fillers more than once; however, the actress always denies having undergone any such procedure.

Sadia Imam

Sadia Imam got the lip fillers procedure done and also went through proper plastic surgery that almost ruined her magnificent looks.

Mehwish Hayat

The stunning Mehwish Hayat has always impressed her fans in every style she carries. However, the Punjab Nahi Jaun Gi actress is probably one of the first few celebrities who got lip fillers that completely changed her looks.

Kubra Khan

The Pakistani film and TV actress Kubra Khan also got lip fillers that initially looked intensely odd, but they got shaped well with time.

Hania Amir

lip fillers

The Young Pakistani actress Hania Amir faced extreme trolling on social media for getting lip fillers. However, she kept on claiming that she hadn’t gone through any surgical treatment. Then, a video surfaced in which the Anna actress clarified that she was misusing the mobile filter, due to which her pictures showed her plump lips.

Nadia Hussain

lip fillers

The model-turned-actress Nadia Hussain got many beauty treatments, including lip fillers. Moreover, she has also been promoting such treatments in different morning shows.

Sonya Hussain

lip fillers

Beautiful actress Sonya Hussyn is considered one of the most attractive actresses of the Pakistan entertainment industry. She got lip fillers after her nikkah in 2014. Since then, Sonya got lip fillers done multiple times, and she also got a smile makeover.

Sara Loren

Previously known as Mona Lisa, Sara Loren went through a complete makeover. She reintroduced herself after getting her new look with cosmetic treatments and lip fillers.

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