Here Are The Top Pakistani Dramas Of The Week (May 30th – June 5th 2022)

Top Pakistani dramas of June to May 2022

Pakistani dramas are not just loved and popular in Pakistan but across the border as well. The drama industry has a huge viewership, arguably bigger than the film industry, which is why dozens of dramas are always in the works.

Here, in this article, we will be taking a look at the top Pakistani dramas of the previous week. It should be noted that this list has been compiled based on the TRPs and the channel views.

5. Sang-e-Mah

Atif Aslam’s debut drama is getting lots of appreciation from the fans. It is the fifth most popular drama of the previous week. The cast of the drama includes Hania Aamir, Kubra Khan, Atif Aslam, Nauman Ijaz, Najiba Faiz, Omair Rana and others.

4. Dil Awaiz

The Kinza Hashmi and Affan Waheed’s drama has taken the fourth spot on the list of most popular dramas of the week. Dil Awaiz is certainly one of the most popular dramas at the moment. The cast of the drama includes Seemi Raheel, Kashif Mahmood, Sabeena Farooq and others.

3. Ishq-e-Laa

The much loved drama serial finally came to an end and the last episode was very much liked by the viewers. Ishq-e-Laa was the third most popular drama last week. The cast of the drama included Sajal Aly Azaan Sami Khan and Yumna Zaidi in leading roles.

2. Mere Humsafar

Hania Aamir is a regular face on our television screens these days. Farhan Saeed, after winning hearts with his music, is also making his mark in the drama industry. The couple’s drama Mere Humaafar is attracting lots of viewers as it has been ranked as the second most popular drama of the week.

1. Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi

And the number one spot on the list belongs to Danish Taimoor and Dur-e-Fishan’s drama serial Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi. Despite being problematic on so many levels, the drama has been loved massively by the fans.

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