These top Pakistani TikTok sensations support government's decision to ban the app

TikTok is not registered in Pakistan, so the platform does not pay its popular users.

Pakistani TikTok stars are not surprised by the government\\’s decision to ban the video-sharing app. Some famous TikTokers have even extended their support to the government\\’s plan.

Last week, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) had issued the Chinese app a final warning over its \\’immoral, obscene and vulgar content\\’. The owners of TikTok were requested to form a \\’comprehensive mechanism\\’ to control the content shared on the app.

Following this warning, many TikTok users and starlets flooded social media by expressing their opposition. However, many TikTok influencers who had garnered millions of followers admitted that the content circulated on the video platform was inappropriate.

Haris Ali (@harrisali_01), a 20-year-old TikTok sensation with four million followers, said:

Every invention has its merits and demerits, or good or bad aspects, but in Pakistan, unfortunately, TikTok is mostly harming our young generation. I would not be surprised if the app gets banned. In this case, I would shift to Instagram and start posting my videos there.

Another TikTok star with 4.8 million followers, Toqeer Abbas (@phoolllu), said:

For the past four months, lots of harmful material (filled with abusive language) has been uploaded. I wish that PTA blocks indecent accounts only instead of banning the app altogether. However, if the government decides for the latter, I will support the decision and move to YouTube and other channels.

Artist Zhalay Sarhadi, who gets almost 1.5 million likes on each TikTok video, said:

I am not in favor of banning the app. Though, I believe introducing regulations to prevent users from being exposed to disturbing content is justified. Many notable talents have risen from this platform and are in the process of becoming real stars. It is an outlet of creativity for many. We cannot take this medium away from these genuinely talented individuals.

TikTok is not registered in Pakistan, so the platform does not pay its popular users. It is not a direct earning for many, but as users gain followers and fame, they garner attention. This attention brings them many brand endorsement opportunities and more. Now time will tell what the future holds for TikTok in Pakistan.

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