Touched By Pakistani Shopkeeper’s Hospitality, Canadian Biker Returns To Give Him A Gift

Rosie Gabrielle, Canadian solo biker, known for her adventurous voyages was moved by Pakistani shopkeeper’s hospitality and repaid him with a very sweet gesture. Writing about her experiences in Pakistan, Rosie was moved by a little act of kindness that this countryman showed towards her and she came back to where she met him, with a beautiful gift.

She wrote that she came to visit the area and shopkeeper Ali offered her some things from her shop along with kehwa (green tea). She added that he even refused to take the money as a goodwill gesture. Touched by his kindness, she came back next day to surprise him with a painted picture she took of him. Here is what she said:

‘’A couple weeks ago we came here to visit the area. Our bikes were parked just opposite Ali’s shop and took rest at the wall. After a long ride. Ali served us some Peshawari kava (tea) and some goodies from his shop. Afterwards, we tried to pay for the tea, but he didn’t accept it. He said that as a guest in his country, it was his honour to host me and gift this to me’’ – Rosie wrote.

She said her experience in Pakistan has been the best, speaking of hospitality. She has received more love here than anywhere else she went. She posted a picture of a woman, narrating how she offered her dinner at her place as she is guest to her country.

”HOSPITALITY in PAKISTAN Is by far the most gracious care I have ever received. And it was explained to me by this Aunty that I met on the street.  She kindly insisted that I try the food and to join her and her granddaughter for dinner. The food was a gift she said. That I was a guest in her country and it was her honor and duty to show me grace and love” – she wrote. 

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