Tourism Through Technology | Tech Valley Conference 2019 – opening new avenues of discussion

Tourism is a significant economic development tool and has been a point of discussion across the globe as well as in Pakistan. With being a significant part of the economy, income and employment, tourism also opens new pathways for globalisation.

The economic impact of however can be well reflected by the fact that tourism accounts for about 10% of Thailand’s GDP. It contributes in employment creation, export earnings, provides a boost to aggregate demand and also has the accelerator effect*.

*Accelerator effects of increased capital investment in tourism infrastructure and services such as airlines and telecommunications.

To amplify the significance of tourism and emphasize its role in the development of the country,  Tech Valley organizes its Annual Flagship Event, the Tech & Tourism Conference in the region. The conference is being regularly organised for the last four years. It hosts notable policymakers and speakers from Pakistan. The significance and the impact can be seen by the fact that last year, it lead to the launch of Tech & Tourism incubator in KP.

This year’s Tech Valley Conference 2019; Tech, Tourism & Trade is scheduled for 20th April 2019 (Saturday) in Nathiagali, Abbottabad. The core purpose is to discuss the hidden potential of the sector in Pakistan and the creation of sustainable job opportunities. It will not only open new avenues of discussion on the subject but will also open a new market for technology enthusiasts who wish to pursue a career and contribute towards digital tourism.

Pakistan has a rich plethora of talent, particularly the younger lot, who is out there ready to display their talent. With that, they are aware of the modern world dynamics, the significance of globalisation and the possible contribution tourism industry can make towards the economic betterment of the country. Tech Valley Conference aims at initiating discussions on how a platform can be provided to them in this particular regard. The main focus is on discussing the challenges being faced by the stakeholders and how to overcome them, along with connecting private sector organisations & government bodies to contribute collaboratively.

Tech Valley Conference 2019 is also working to set the country’s very first Tourism Centre of Excellence. The innovative centre will provide new entrepreneurs with a platform to contribute to the tourism sphere overall. With a highly qualified and capable panel of speakers, the conference will highlight the significance of public participation and help you voice your opinions in this regard.

Sponsors of The Event: Galiyat Development Authority, World Bank, TCKP, Hashoo Group and British Council 

Media Partners: ProPakistani, ARY News,

Know more details about the event HERE

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