[VIDEO] Toyota all set to launch Yaris Sedan in Pakistan!

Toyota has decided to launch Yaris instead of Vios because of a significant difference between their price.

We heard a lot of speculations last year regarding Toyota Vios’s launch in the country. Nevertheless, regardless of many media outlets assuring this news, Toyota decided to take another course.

As per the reports, Toyota is currently planning to put an end on the production of Corolla XLI and GLI, and they’re aiming to switch them with Yaris Sedan (the SUV). Initially, we heard about the launch of Vios, but the idea of launching Vios was shelved because Pakistan rupees took the dive against the dollar.

It has been recently making the rounds on social media that a Yaris sedan was seen at M2 motorway. It was a camouflage Yaris sedan, all glam and classy.
Research has unfolded that the registration number of the Toyota SUV belongs to the Indus Motor Company, and it was registered on August 19th, 2019.

As mentioned by the automobile experts, Toyota has decided to launch Yaris instead of Vios because of a significant difference between their price. Yaris is equally amazing yet inexpensive as compared to Vios. Yaris costs around PKR 19,00,000; whilst, Vios has an estimated cost of PKR 28,00,000 in the international market.

The struggle of automobile industries in Pakistan:

According to the sources, the automobile industry in Pakistan has faced a number of crises, and therefore it has affected every company as well as their plans. Talking about Toyota, the company that was responsible for making Corolla remained closed for almost two weeks in July this year.
In this matter, the IMC executive has stated,

“The steep increase in car prices after currency devaluation as well as the imposition of Advance Customs Duty (ACD) on all imports and Federal Excise Duty (FED) on assembled cars has left us no option but to cut down the plant production.”

Due to this situation, the news of Yaris was revealed by IMC. It is something that takes the automobile industry of Pakistan in the right direction as Yaris will be capitalized in a similar market just like Corolla XLI and GLI.

The decision to launch Yaris has been made because of the severe competition in the automobile market following the launch of Hyundai, Proton, and Kia.

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