Toyota and Suzuki jack up its cars prices

Here are the new prices

As expected, Toyota Motors have decided to jack up its car price. The prices of different models of Toyota cars have been increased by up to 100,000.

Just yesterday, Suzuki also increased its prices as the federal government has imposed 2.5% Federal Excise Duty (FED) on cars up to 1300cc. Suzuki Motors increased its prices by up to 150,000.

Here are the new prices of different Suzuki cars:

ModelsOld Price New Price Price increased
ALTO VX1274,0001,306,00032,000
ALTO VXL/AGS1704,0001,747,00043,000
CULTUS AGS2,272,0002,422,000150,000
CULTUS VXL2,105,0002,244,000139,000
CULTUS VXR1,904,0002,030,000126,000
WAGON RAGS2,024,0002,158,000134,000
WAGON R VXL1,852,0001,975,000123,000
WAGON R VXR1,760,0001,877,000117.000
BOLAN VX1,149,0001,178,00029,000

Now, Toyota Motors have also increased the prices of its different cars. Here are the new prices of different Toyota cars:

ModelsOld PricesNew PricesPrices increased
YARIS ATIV CVT 1.32,849,0002.919.00070,000
YARIS ATIV M/T 1.32.679.0002.745.00066,000
YARIS ATIV X CVT 1,53.099.0003,175,00076,000
YARIS ATIV X M/T 1.52,899,0002,970,00071,000
YARIS GLI CVT 1.32,749,0002,817,00068,000
YARIS GLI M/T 1.32,549,0002,612,00063,000

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