Toyota bringing back customer-favorite feature after nearly 30 years

Experts believe that Toyota is reintroducing the AWD feature to refresh the line and push back from the sedans.

What is the highlight of the all new Toyota Camry?

The car culture in the 1980s was majorly different from the car culture of the previous decade. People used to be obsessed with all-wheel-drive cars and vehicle group B madness; therefore, all automakers and producers tried to follow suit. 

The Toyota Camry also featured the all-wheel-drive. However, the auto company abandoned the trait for three years, only to bring it back in the Toyota Camry’s latest model.

The new Toyota Camry features all-wheel drive.

2021 Toyota Camry – new feature

According to sources, the Toyota Camry All-Trac came in AWD from 1988-1991. The RAD feature was discontinued for nearly 30 years until 2021, when Toyota decided to give Camry owners that 80s off-road grip back. 

Experts believe that Toyota is reintroducing the AWD feature to refresh the line and push back from the sedans. Regarding this, Toyota said:

We believe that 15 percent of Camry buyers will go for the AWD version (the coolest 15 percent, that is.) The real question is, how many of them will add the old All-Trac badge to their new Camry? Toyota will add an AWD badge on the Camry’s back to let everyone know, but the real ones will hop on eBay and snag the real emblem (the old version). 

The effect of the AWD System on the Camry

According to sources, the AWD system will add about 165 lbs to the Camry but will not affect the vehicle’s trunk space. The rear differential will cause the rear seats to sit 0.4 inches higher. The other main change is that the wider back end will make the AWD Camry showcase a slightly wider turning radius. 

Another change you may not have seen coming is that due to the newfound girth of the rear axle hardware, the exhaust pipe will have less room, robbing approximately 1 hp from the AWD version. 

The new Toyota Camry – friendly vs. sporty$

Friendly Vs. Sporty

The new AWD feature will only be available in any four-cylinder Camry variant. The V6 and hybrid models will not flaunt AWD, but the following:

202 hp in most trims except the sportier XSE, which clips on an extra 3 hp

A dual-tip exhaust system

An eight-speed automatic transmission which gives crisp upshifts and decisive downshifts to put the power where you need and when you need it.

Is the new Toyota Camry worth buying?

Drawbacks of the Camry

Unfortunately, the Toyota Camry does not feature enough power or snap to make the AWD Camry a fun driving experience. In normal, every-day driving, the rear axle disengages and runs like a regular front-wheel-drive car. It’s only when the front end slips, or you really give it the beans, that the back end locks in and gets moving. 

Final Verdict

Indeed, the Toyota Camry is more about function than form. The AWD characteristic may excite many people but not so much as it is a practical feature and nothing more than that. It’ll help you get where you’re going but will not make the vehicle an 80s rally machine.

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