Trailer of’s crime thriller series ‘Sevak: The Confessions’ unveiled

The trailer highlights how a hero is born on the same day as his ‘rakshas”.

Trailer of’s crime thriller series 'Sevak: The Confessions' unveiled

Maverick director Anjum Shahzad and legendary writer Saji Gul come together to tell an action-packed story of a daughter, Vidya, seeking the truth behind a murder of a film star to exonerate her father’s link with the crime in the espionage thriller Sevak: The Confessions.

The trailer highlights how a hero is born on the same day as his ‘rakshas”. In comes Mannu, an informant, who lures Vidya to accompany him on a journey to find the truth behind the murder of film star Jeet. But there are dark evil forces lurking in the background, ready to unleash their dangers – murder, deceit, crime, uprising – a revolution!

As Vidya and Mannu are embroiled in a game of hide and seek with the powerful dark forces of society, they find themselves amidst situations inspired by true events wagging from 1984 to 2022.

Sevak tells not a story of just murder, but the story of a circle of revenge. It’s not a crime thriller but it’s about thrilling evil hate-based crimes which are designed to create an adrenaline pumping exhilaration. With this series, has not gone one extra mile, but went many miles with intense actors living in their roles to do justice to the story’s violent demands. hails this series as a story of intrigue and nail-biting suspense that is inspired by true events. The recently released trailer of this series already has shaken its audiences with a big bang. The star cast of this series include Hajra Yamin, Nazarul Hassan, Nayyer Ejaz, Adnan Jaffar and many others. The series is brought to life by the amazing duo of the legendary writer Saji Gul and the renowned director Anjum Shahzad.

Audiences will be able to watch the series, streamed via the app (iOS, Android, Apple TV) and on the web at

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