Trans Lives Matter | In a first, Sindh police offers 5pc jobs to transgenders

While Pakistan has a lot of avenues to work on, the country has all the reasons to be proud of the concrete steps it took in terms of transgender rights.  Shamus Khan and Joss Greene, authors on CNN News, in their combined collaborated article titled ‘What Pakistan gets right and the US gets wrong on trans rights lauded the efforts as well.

They write that while the West has been a self-proclaimed champion of human rights, it should be looking towards developing countries like Pakistan when it comes to transgender rights.

The Trump administration proposes further attacking these Americans by erasing their identities and thereby excluding them from federal protections. Americans must fight back. To do so, we might look East, to places like Pakistan, for guidance on how to protect our fellow Americans’ right to exist. – it read. 
Making another concrete and a strong step in the right direction, Sindh police has announced to offer 5 pc jobs to the gender minority to bring them in the mainstream. Inspector General Dr Syed Kaleem Imam announced on Monday to induct them in police to set a new precedent.
The announcement was made after a meeting of a delegation of the transgender representatives with the Sindh police chief in Sukkur. Police spokesperson Sohail Jokhio revealed that the transgender individuals will be offered various office jobs in the provincial police force. The Sindh police chief also added that the efforts to restore the quota for disabled people are underway as well and necessary official steps will also be taken in this regard.
He promised to also offer employment opportunities to the people belonging to the minority as well. Sindh IG said that they are taking concrete steps to build a people-friendly atmosphere in police stations across the province and undertake measures to bring the quality of services at par with the modern requirements.
People have lauded the step and hoped that IG will also take steps to depoliticise the police.

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