Transparency International survey reveals the most corrupt institutions in Pakistan

The survey also identified the three most important causes of corruption

The National Corruption Perception Survey 2021 conducted by Transparency International Pakistan has revealed the most corrupt institutions of the country. According to the survey, police and judiciary are the two most corrupt institutions in Pakistan.

Police remains the most corrupt institution, judiciary 2nd followed by Tendering and Contracting as third most corrupt while Health has climbed to become 4th most corrupt since the last NCPS 2011. As many as 40.1% Pakistanis proposed to increase the punishment of corruption cases in order to reduce this menace. 34.6% Pakistanis say accountability of public officers by expediting NAB’s handling of corruption cases, and 25.3% say complete ban on those convicted in corruption from holding public office, are key to combat corruption in Pakistan.

The survey was released on Wednesday. As per the Transparency international’s survey, majority of the Pakistanis (85%) are not satisfied with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government’s self-accountability. 66.8% are of the opinion that the federal government’s accountability drive is partial.

The survey also identified the three most important causes of corruption: weak accountability (51.9%), the greed of powerful people (29.3%) and low salaries (18.8%).

According to the 89.1% of Pakistanis, they didn’t pay any bribe to any government official during the federal government’s Covid-19 relief efforts for the deserving citizens to get things done. “Compared to the three federal governments, majority of Pakistanis (92.9%) consider inflation and price hike to be highest in the current PTI government (2018-2021), compared to 4.6 % in PML N government (2013-2018) and 2.5% in PPP government (2008-2013),” the transparency international survey revealed.

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