[VIDEO] Student from tribal areas climbs a mountain to catch internet signals for online class

He brought together other students like him and protested online classes by launching a petition.

During the pandemic, shifting to an online platform is an effective and safe way to continue educational activities. It helps people save time and cuts costs for the students and the management.

However, switching to the online platform is not easy for everyone, especially students living in the tribal areas where the internet is close to non-existent. Among this group of struggling students is Saifullah Abbas Afridi. He is a 22-year-old student of Political Sciences, currently enrolled in the University of Peshawar.

Following the HEC’s guidelines to stop the spread of the coronavirus, all educational institutes shut down and vacated their students. As soon as this happened, Saif landed back in his native village, struggling to cope with online classes as the town lacked proper internet facilities.

Considering the situation, Saifullah and his friend said:

The government has started online classes, and we appreciate the step because it thought to continue activities despite the bad situation. But here in our tribal district, there is no internet.

Despite all this, Saif was not one to back down in the face of hardships. Every day Saifullah and his friend climb up a mountain to its peak where they get connectivity for online classes. Saif said:

Here, I get theories and classes of my political science class via the internet. It is impossible to access academic research from Japan, France, or the rest of the world without the internet.

Afridi explained that he and his friend were still in luck, but other tribal district students living far from the mountain are out of luck because they are unable to access the internet. Therefore, Saifullah Abbas Afridi has taken the initiative to help these students, so their career isn’t put to stake.

He brought together other students like him and protested online classes by launching a petition. Hopefully, his determination will bring some ease for everyone who doesn’t have access to the internet to attend online courses.

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