Trouble in the UK: Helpless Altaf Hussain Seeks Indian Asylum

During his speech in 2016, Altaf Hussain had called Pakistan “cancer for the entire world.”

After getting into trouble in the UK, Mutahida Quami Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain has turned towards India for help. His trial in England is all set to commence in June next year.

In a video, MQM Chief has requested the Indian Prime Minister Narender Modi to grant him asylum in his country. Altaf Hussain, in the video, stated that he along with his colleagues will travel to India because his grandfathers are buried there.

“I’m a peaceful person. I promise that I will not interfere in any kind of politics but please allow me along with my colleagues to live in India,” Altaf Hussain requested the Indian government.

Last month, the Mutahida Quami Movement chief was formally charged by a court in London for inciting violence among the people in one of his speeches back in 2016. During his speech in 2016, Altaf Hussain had called Pakistan “cancer for the entire world.”

Following his speech, a local television news channel’s office was attacked by his supporters. Altaf Hussain could be facing a jail term up to 15 years if he is not cleared of all the charges against him.

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  • I am mohajir, living very near to his 90 house .. I and my family was so much supporter in start (80s & 90s) .. but found him the killer of thousand of Muhajir , Agent of Raw.. Kidnapper… terrorist… take ransom with many ……. I hope you will get more worst in life…

  • Hang him high ! He has been a massive cancer for all Muhajirs and Pakistan. This low life sick man is responsible for thousands of lives ….

  • As Urdu speaking Muhajir and voter and supporter of MQM .. Main QET janab Altaf sahib per ankhay band ker lanat bhaijta ho … Mere ajdad nay qurbani is liyea nahi di thi k hum in khabeeso say madad ki bheek mangay yea humara internal issue hay or Pakistan he humara mulk hay humara jeena maena Pakistan main hay bus ab tum nikal lo Altaf bhai warna tumhari boori muhajir pack kar daingay

  • Such a filthy B, you will live very long miserable life. Killer of Kaleem Saeed and so many other innocent lives. Hell is waiting for you anyway

  • پہنچی وہیں پہ خاک جہاں کا خمیر تھا
    This traitor and a treacherous person didn’t deserve to go back to Pakistan. Finally he has been exposed by Allah and now everyone one knows for whom he was working for all those years.

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