True Face Of Pakistan: People Of Mehrabpura Show A Beautiful Example Of Kindness

Human beings have been called superior because of their unique quality to show compassion and love towards  In this violent, aggressive and competitive atmosphere if there is anything that is holding this chaotic world together – that is the kindness.

Similarly, whenever strongly built perceptions and labels of provincialism, ethnic identity and racial discrimination have been used to manipulate people, some vigilant Pakistanis have taken a step forward, rejecting the labels and proving that we all are, indeed, one.

A similar example was put forward but residents of a small town in Sindh when few passengers were stranded helplessly in such extremely hot weather due to technical issues.

On the 27th of June, Pakistan Railway’s Shalimar Express was heading towards Lahore from Karachi. During the journey, the train met an unplanned condition as it had to abruptly stop due to an accident ahead.
As the train was going at a considerably high speed, the driver used an emergency brake, that led one of the boogies to derail. The train stopped in a deserted area, with no signs of population and provision of basic necessities nearby.

Before heading back towards the destination, the train needed at least six hours of repair for getting back in working condition. As passengers weren’t prepared for the unforeseen situations, cries of the children erupted. The extremity of the weather in such deserted area further worsened the situation.

Suddenly a scene ensued that will literally reassure your faith both in Pakistanis and humans. Someone conveyed the unfortunate event to the people situated in far localities. People of Mehrabpur, Sindh emerged from the trees as rescuing angles. Elderly men were carrying ice on their turbans, kids and young men were seen bringing water coolers and food to provide to the troubled passengers. They tried to provide all basic necessities to beat the heat and make these extremely challenging hours easier for them.

The passengers showed their immense gratitude for the hospitality and kindness they were dealt with. Not just the travellers, the beautiful gesture has warmed every Pakistani’s heart.

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