China & Russia Responds to Trump’s Criticism on Pakistan

America’s attitude towards their former ally Pakistan has been somewhat inconsistent after the new president Mr. Donald Trump.

Trump’s controversial recent address has again caused outrage. In his televised address, Trump criticised Pakistan for playing a double role by safeguarding terrorists as well as accepting US aid.

Trump highlights the sacrifices and struggles that America has made to eradicate terrorism.

While talking about his revised policy against Afghanistan, Trump highlighted Pakistan’s role saying that in this war against terrorism, Pakistan is providing ‘safe heaven’ to the terrorists whom the USA is fighting against.

Soon following the Trump’s statement, China defended Pakistan, sending a strong message to the USA. Making their stance very clear, China appreciated USA’s efforts against terrorism and also said that Pakistan’s struggle needs to be acknowledged as well.

China’s top diplomat Yang Jiechi reportedly called US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. In this phone call concerning the matter, he expressed that the USA needs to value Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan. Along with that, Jiechi said that Pakistan’s sovereignty and security concerns should be respected.

Following China’s rigid stance, Russia also showed same sentiments.  Zamir Kabulov, who is Russian Presidential Envoy to Afghanistan said that Pakistan’s efforts against terrorism are appreciable.

He further also insisted that Pakistan is a ‘’key regional player’’ and pressurizing Pakistan can result in security concerns all across the region including Afghanistan.

China and Russia have taken a clear stance defending Pakistan. However, Pakistan has still not responded to Trump’ criticism and blames.

All eyes are now on Pakistan as to how Trump’s statements will be answered and what the future will hold for ties between Pakistan and USA.

It is expected that Pakistan is contemplating a detailed response to Trump’s condemnation and his new Afghan Policy.

For that, a high-level security meeting is called at Prime Minister’s House Islamabad.

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