Trump Recognizing Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital Angers Muslim World – Here’s How World Is Reacting

Jerusalem has always been a controversial topic evoking violence in the Middle-east again and again over its ownership. As the city holds importance for three major religions, anything concerning it triggers people to an unimaginable extent.

Source: CNN

The fire never cooled down in the first place but now the recent events have doubled the intensity. Donald Trump announced that the US recognizes Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. Post announcement, leaders of the Muslim world warned him about the consequences.  The Turkish president called it ‘crossing the redline for Muslims’.

Adding to that, Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu also showed his concerns saying that it is synonymous with bringing chaos to the Middle East. He further said:

“This can go as far as severing Turkey’s ties with Israel. I am warning the United States not to take such a step which will deepen the problems in the region. We have to warn the United States that such a decision will be against the U.N. resolutions and international law and international agreements.” (source: CNBC)

The announcement erupted active protests in West Bank, Gaza, Jordan and Turkey showing the emotions of the Muslims world.

With that, people showed a strong reaction on social media as well as a sign of complete refusal to accept his statement. See what people had to say about it:

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