Trump Says There Might Be Some Good Nesws, Hints Towards De-escalation Between India And Pakistan

As the situation continues to deteriorate, US President Donald Trump intervenes in the situation, hinting towards initiation of a peace process between India and Pakistan. The terms that have gotten sour after Pulwama Attack, whose responsibility was accepted by Jaish e Muhammad, a Pakistan-based terrorist outfit. Though PM Imran Khan repeatedly welcomed to produce evidence to proved Pakistan’s involvement in the attack, invited for dialogue, promised action and acknowledged the pain of the family of the victims.

However, to cover the lack of evidence and give his election campaign a pick up whose fascism was getting exposed, fabricated the entire situation and violated LoC. Pushing the peace process back to square one, the current Indian government has compromised regional peace and despite being invited by Imran Khan to sit on the table, is turning it down.

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“I think reasonably attractive news from Pakistan and India, they have been going at it and we have been involved and have them stop, we have some reasonably decent news, hopefully, it’s going to be coming to an end, this has been going on for a long time, decades and decades” – he said. 
Trump also asked India and Pakistan to diffuse all cross-border tensions and limit military activity. He also added that Pakistan needs to take effective measures to curb terrorism and limit their access to funds.

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