Trump’s aide Larry Kudlow responds to the Trump’s statement on Kashmir mediation

  • Donald Trump’s remarks on Kashmir mediation stirred up sentiments across India.
  • Indian premier has yet to respond to Trump’s statement.
  • The president doesn’t make things up; Director of the National Economic Council.


             Donald Trump’s remarks on Kashmir mediation stirred up sentiments of Indian media and the parliament altogether. India’s members of the parliament issued a denial statement saying that PM Narendra Modi didn’t ask for third-party validation, However, the Indian premier has yet to respond to the statement.

Trump’s aide Larry Kudlow – Director of the National Economic Council while responding to a question made his statement whether Trump fabricated his comments on Kashmir standoff or not and said that the president doesn’t make things up adding that its a very rude question. Larry Kudlow refused to comment on the statement saying it is out of my lane.


Larry Kudlow  says “the president doesn’t make things up.” And he says it’s a “very rude question in my opinion” to assert otherwise.

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India has taken the position that Kasmir is an issue of bilateral concern between the two neighbors and they always rejected a third-party mediation which Pakistan stressed otherwise.

Thousands of Kashmiris have laid their lives ever since the partition of the sub-continent and the start of armed struggle across Indian held Kashmir further aggravated the situation inside the valley. Kashmiris are demanding their due right of self-determination as ascertained by the United Nation resolutions and International Law as well.

It is a sheer injustice to call Kashmir solely an issue of bilateral concern. It is an issue of humanitarian concern as widespread abuses to Kashmiris are getting reported every now and then at the hands of state administration. The world needs to see the Kashmir beyond the geographic assertions and claims as people stand more important than land.

Do you think that President Donald Trump will amicably mediate on the Kashmir issue at the expense of strategic and prolonged ties with India?

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