Trump’s Bipolar Disorder Is Back As He Blames Pakistan For Housing Terrorists – AGAIN

President Trump’s name can be called synonymous with controversy as through the past year, we have seen him coming up with quite absurd and contradictory statements. When we say contradictory, it is justifiable to say that his point of view is never reflected clearly by the because of frequent fluctuation of opinion. Here is an example:

Trump previously blamed Pakistan for providing save heaven to terrorists and nullified all the efforts that the country has made on all levels. His extreme remarks incited an equally brutal response from the general public as well as notables. But after some days, he tweeted appreciating Pakistan’s role in the war against terrorism and thanked for ‘cooperation on many fronts’.

However, not long after it, he again has slammed Pakistan for ‘lying’ and ‘deceit’. He said in return for the aid, Pakistan has been providing safe havens to terrorists and agents of chaos in Afghanistan. He concluded saying ‘No More’, again igniting a strong response. As reported by New York Times, the Trump administration might be considering to withhold $225 million aid because of frustration over  Pakistan’s attitude towards handing terrorist networks.

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Americans themselves who perfectly acknowledge and heterogeneous culture they have and developed acceptability for people have always seen Trump’s extremist remarks as a threat to national integrity. On his recent extremist remarks as well, people called back on him, highlighting the hypocrisy and contradiction between his very own statements. Here is what they had to say about it:

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