Trump’s remarks on Kashmir and BJP’s insistence to revoke the territory’s special status

The photo shows the Indian troops in the occupied territory – photo source Associated Foreign Press.

Article 35A and Article 370 are crucial to the special status of Kashmir as both of the constitutional provisions secure the autonomous status of J&K and prevent the non-Kashmiris settlement in the occupied region. Also, the United Nation’s resolutions allow the Kashmiris including the part that is governed by Pakistan to decide their future via plebiscite.

India plans to have the non-Kashmiris demographic settlements within the occupied territory for which the re-elected BJP’s ruling elite want to revoke Article 370 and 35A from the national Constitution.

BJP couldn’t make up to its plans as of now in the 2019 elections but still, the leading political party is doing experiments on Kashmir as it has announced to deploy 10,000 more soldiers in one of the highest militarized regions.

The recent buildup in quantity of troops has sparked fears of further unrest in the occupied region but what Kashmiris opine is all that they will not succumb to the Indian demands and will fight for their freedom struggle.

Trump’s response to a question regarding Kashmir invited a huge debate in Indian circles and many people from media and political backgrounds reaffirmed their stance of calling Kashmir merely an issue of bilateral concern and rejecting the inclusion of any third party.

India’s foreign minister in his latest statement has said, “any discussion on Kashmir, if at all warranted will only be with Pakistan and only bilaterally.” Indian sway not to resolve the issue of Kashmir is understandable but agony starts when a world superpower like America calls the severe humanitarian crisis in Kashmir entirely an issue of bilateral concern and is only willing to talk on the issue if both parties to the conflict which includes India and Pakistan are ready to conciliate.

Why the superpowers who seem to be worried about the military prowess of many countries across the world including that of Iran and North Korea and Pakistan somewhere in the past don’t pay any heed to the humanitarian catastrophe in the bleeding valley of Kashmir.

Time has come for the Indian administration to undertake serious considerations for the peaceful resolution of the Kashmir dispute and to take the Kashmir out of the Petri-dish otherwise the clouds of unrest can potentially harm the peace of the entire region.

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