Turkey offers to help bring back iconic tram service in Karachi

Shallwani expressed gratitude to Uçak for tendering the support to provide better transport facilities to Karachi's people.

Turkey has said it will help the Pakistani government bring an iconic tram service back to Karachi’s M.A. Jinnah Road and I.I. Chundrigar Road.

In a meeting conducted at the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation office, The Turkish Consul General, Tolga Uçak, offered Karachi Administrator Iftikhar Ali Shallwani his country’s support for the project.

Shallwani expressed gratitude to Uçak for tendering the support to provide better transport facilities to Karachi’s people.

A street scene in Karachi 1964 with a tram and a camel cart in one picture. (@AqsaLeelaJamali/Twitter)

Tram services are considered a vital aspect of mass transit across the globe, being fuel-efficient; İstanbul, in particular, is famous for its tram service.

Istanbul Tram Service. (Fred Olds/Turkey Travel Tidbits)

In a statement, Shallwani said that both governments agreed upon the need to set up a cheaper, faster transport system, and had agreed to introduce a tram service on two of Karachi’s busiest arteries.

He was of the view that the Supreme Court had already passed directives on running a tram service in Karachi, adding that the city’s historical reputation would be restored in its wake.

A tram owned by Mohamedali Tramways Company (MTC) on its way to Karachi’s Cantt. Station in this photo taken in the 1950s. (The Friday Times)

“Efforts are being made to make Karachi a center for tourists like İstanbul, and the Turkish government’s cooperation in this regard is highly commendable,” stated the administrator, adding that further development would be done after more consultation.

Karachi tram service in 1952. (COURTESY: @bilalfqi/TWITTER)

Uçak also offered his support in the uplift of libraries in the metropolis, adding that the Turkish government was ready to cooperate.

Earlier, Shallwani welcomed Uçak as both discussed matters of mutual interest. The Consul General also congratulated him on taking charge as the city administrator.

Turkey-Pakistan friendship: From past to present | Daily Sabah

“Turkey is our brother Islamic country and has always helped Pakistan in our difficult times. The Pakistani people highly regard relations with Turkey,” stated Shallwani.

“Karachi is Pakistan’s heart, and the country’s development lies in the city’s uplift. The cooperation of Turkey and other developed countries in the city’s projects will surely bear fruitful results,” he added.

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