‘All-weather friends’: Turkey offers to help Pakistan in dealing with locust problem

This has been the second locust attack in Pakistan in less than three months.


The Turkish government has offered its support and expertise to Pakistan, in order to help the country in dealing with its locust infestation.

A  C-130 aircraft of the Pakistan Air Force, arrived in Turkey’s southern province of Adana, In order to Airlift, a purpose-built Piper Brave spray aircraft along with four crew members, as reported in a statement issued by the Pakistan Air Force (PAF).  The aircraft will first be assembled after landing in Pakistan before it is sent to the locust infested areas of the country.

“Turkey and Pakistan are all-weather friends and this gesture would help improve a comprehensive pest control system to overcome the locust plague,” the statement issued by the PAF added.

This has been the second locust outbreak in Pakistan in less than three months.

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  • One spray aircraft is not going to make a big difference here as the locust has spread now over a very vast area. We may need our airforce to convert a few of its Mashaqs into spray aircrafts by the help of airforce aeronautical engineers.

  • dear friends,
    Pakistan leased the aircraft from turkey, it will cost incredible price, pilot USD 5000– mechanic usd 3500 – helper USD 2000/month will be paid from Pakistan budget( these guys make %20 of it in TURKEY !!)+ 40.000 USD /month for plane lease to owner+ all fuel costs will be paid from Pakistan – plus cost of C130 flight on top of it for transportation- and do you know how much the Pakistani guy who signed the cntract will get ??? 1 million USD !!!! for 6 months-come on who they are fooling

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