Turkey to reportedly shoot down UAE jets if Turkish sovereignty violated

These warnings came following reports that the UAE has sent a number of its F-16 jets and other passenger aircraft to be deployed in Crete, in support for its ally Greece against Turkey.

UAE military fighter jets.

Turkey will not hesitate to shoot down any United Arab Emirates (UAE) aircraft if Turkish sovereignty is violated in the eastern Mediterranean, Al-Quds Al-Araby reported on Friday.

“We will not hesitate to shoot down any UAE aircraft if it approached the Turkish waters or the work area of Oruç Reis near Crete island in the eastern Mediterranean,” a source told Al-Quds Al-Araby.

Oruç Reis is the Turkish research vessel that is sailing in the eastern Mediterranean for the exploration of fuel.


According to the source: “The UAE is trying to play a role which is bigger than its size. It is playing with fire. If it violates the redlines or it approaches the Turkish waters, it will receive a harsh lesson.”

These warnings came following reports that the UAE has sent a number of its F-16 jets and other passenger aircraft to be deployed in Crete, in support for its ally Greece against Turkey.

The Greek chief of staff confirmed that the UAE aircraft would take part in joint military drills to be trained on cooperation between the Greek and UAE air force, in order to increase readiness and improve combat abilities.

Turkey’s MTA Oruc Reis seismic vessel, which is escorted by the Turkish navy, is seen offshores of Eastern Mediterranean on August 10, 2020. (Photo by Ministry of National Defense/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

“These drills came as a result of the relations between the two countries,” the Greek chief of staff disclosed, noting the “strong” communication between the armed forces of Greece and the UAE.

A helicopter flies over Turkish drilling ship Fatih as it sails towards Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean to explore for natural gas. (AP)

Last week, Turkey and Greece carried out simultaneous military drills in the Mediterranean, which were considered highly dangerous.

During the drills, mass media reported a phone call between the top UAE defense official and the Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz, noting that Turkey explained this as an attempt by the UAE to seek Israeli support against Turkey.

Last month, the Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar told Al Jazeera that the UAE harmed Libya and Syria, and Turkey would hold it accountable, accusing the UAE of supporting terrorists and interfering in other countries’ affairs.

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  • I wonder WTF is wrong with UAE. You can have friendly relations with Greece, do business no problem BUT why would you act as if you have joint defense pact with them and bring your weapons to fight another Muslim country. Our Arab brothers really need to get hold of themselves. Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iraq are already destroyed. Only Egypt, Oman and KSA remain. UAE & Bahrian don’t even come in counting. Got forbid, the path they are going on, they will end up like Gaza. I pray to Allah that doesn’t happen BUT they need to get hold of themselves.

  • Not only do they embrace israel and laugh at genocide of muslims in Palestine and Kashmir, they help to kill those muslims as well, Threatening muslim Turkey should be proof for all Pakistan that gulf arabs pray to USA dollar not Allah. Do you still live in dream world about ummah, arabs have no time for islam they want wealth and power. Pakistan should act with honor and openly declare full support for Turkey including military support if needed.

  • Arbon ke ghand main bohit bardha kerdha hey jis ka naam Amerika+ Israil hey. Joo Arboon le jaan lay ker chorday gha.

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