Is war expected as present-day Turkey is repeating Ottoman period alliances?

"If the European countries break their unity and become involved in a festering conflict, anything can happen again"

An Associate Professor for the Institute for European Studies, Koert Debeuf, has stated that Turkey seems to be heading towards war with Europe in a potential conflict last seen during the Ottoman times.

The Turkish and Greek governments are exchanging political blows over regional rights in the Mediterranean. Greece is talking about war, while Turkey refuses to negotiate its oil and gas claims in Greek-claimed waters.

Current Mediterranean Situation & Old Times

The Professor added, “In some ways, the Mediterranean’s current situation reflects those historical times. Today there are two enemy alliances, just as there were in 1914 when Italy, Germany, Austria, and Hungary faced Britain, Russia and, France.  War against one country meant war against all.”

There is currently the ‘revolutionary alliance’ of Turkey, Qatar, Iran, and the Muslim Brotherhood. They are striving for influence with the ‘status-quo entente’ of the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt Debeuf said.

Today, Europe is again conferring signs of division. Greece, France, and Cyprus support the status-quo entente, while Malta and Spain support the ‘revolutionary alliance.’ Italy is traversing between the two, depending on its interests, Debeuf said.

However, the stakes are much more powerful than mere words and business agreements, he said.

Recent Conflicts

In July this year, a Turkish naval vessel radar targeted a French frigate when France attempted to investigate a cargo ship for suspected smuggled weapons destined for Libya. A month later, The Turkish and Greek military ships collided.

Following the incident, France sent ships and fighter jets to Greece, while the UAE sent F-16s to the Greek island of Crete. Egypt, carrying a military build-up on the border with Libya, is threatening action against the Turkish-backed forces in Libya to extend an advance to take territory near its petroleum reserves.

Just as in 1914, none of these countries want a Great War; they only ought to protect their national interests, just like they did a century ago, Debeuf said.

“But if the European countries break their unity and become involved in a festering conflict, anything can happen again,” he said.

While citing Colonel Mustafa Kemal, known as Ataturk and the father of modern Turkey, Debeuf said, “This is very threatening. It is not clear which direction we shall head.”

Turkey-Greece Conflict

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  • The main culprit in all this fraud is the American Jew controlled dying empire of Satan.

    The current situation around the globe is of It’s making.

    Long live Sultan Erdogan long live Sultanate a Osmania.

  • Turkey have right to protect their interests (islands in this region were seized from Turkey by the imperial powers and turks have never reclaimed, a fact to prove the peaceful nature of turks) Pakistan should back Turkey because the turks are right. They are being victimised because they are muslims

  • It’s very clear that Christian world is united against a Muslim country along with traditional muslim traitors like Egypt, UAE and Jordan…. But keep in mind, people in Muslim world completely support Turkey and war will not between two countries but it will be WW III.

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