TV show host under fire for drawing an absurd comparison between women and candies

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Social media users have been criticizing a local TV host for comparing women to candies.

Recently, a video of the TV host comparing women with toffies in reference to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s recent comments about rape went viral on the internet.

During a recent interview with “Axios on HBO,” the PM said, “If a woman is wearing few clothes, it’ll have an impact on the men unless they are robots. I mean, it is common sense.” 

The host’s joke backfires as he has been under fire for drawing such an absurd comparison between women and candies.

Here is what people have to say:


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  • جاہلین کو اگر سمجھانا اتنا آسان ہوتا تو ابوجہل جاہل نہ رہتا ۔۔۔

  • Don’t know, is on which side? Whether you’re favoring IK and his statement or not? Sometimes you write in his favor and some time against him?

    عشق قاتل سے بھی، مقتول سے ہمدردی بھی

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