Sindh | Tweeps outraged as pictures of Hindu girl after rape went viral

Two arrests have been made in this regard.

Image Credit: Twitter/@MumtazShigri7


  • Preteen Hindu girl raped in Sindh, Pakistan.
  • #Justice4Jamna became a top trend on Twitter.
  • Twitter community asks for justice from authorities.
  • Two arrests have been made in this regard, reports suggest.

In the land of the pure, every day is a tragedy. While we were still struggling to recover from the previous wounds, another heartwrenching case makes it to social media. The videos and pictures surfaced. causing an outcry online.

According to the reports, the incident took place on Friday, June 7. The victim girl belongs to the Hindu community and has been identified as Jamna Saami. The minor was forcefully intoxicated and then subjected to gang rape by two men. She was allegedly then left in a sports ground around her district.

Pictures and videos that were taken by people who later found her went viral online, causing an outcry online. Regarding the victim Hindu girl’s exact age, conflicting reports have emerged. However, most local news sources have claimed that she was around 12 years old.

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Acting swiftly following the social media condemnation, the police have arrested the accused and registered a first information report (FIR) against them. But are irked by the unexplained delay in the action.

The accused have been identified as brothers Roshan Shaikh and Rajab Shaikh. Hindu rights activist, Kapil Dev, @KDSindhi shared the pictures and update on the case.

The people asked for better protection of children and minorities in Pakistan. They also spoke women’s safety in the country, which is a prime concern right now particularly in the light of recent events.

Prior to the arrests, Twitter user @bilalfqi posted:

“11-year-old girl in Sujawal, Sindh, reportedly abducted, administered an intoxicant and raped. She was later beaten and left at ground. Sindh government must ensure that the men who did this are behind bars ASAP! [as soon as possible] #JusticeForJamna”

Here is what the social media community had to say:

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