Twitter Celebrates SC’s Historic Judgement In Khadija Siddiqui Case

One of the most high-profile cases that stirred the social media seems to have its final showdown – which to most of us, fortunately, came as a breath of fresh air. Though our rotting justice system has disappointed us quite a few times, today’s decision has elevated the hopes once again.

In 2016, Khadija petitioned the court that her class fellow, Hussain, stabbed her 23 times on Davis Road, Lahore while she waited there to pick her younger sister. The attack was an after-math after she turned down his proposal.

Lahore High Court acquitted the accused butcher Hussain, which lead to a social-media outcry. The courts initially sentenced Shah Hussain to a 7 years in prison, that was later reduced to 5 years and then, he was declared a free man.

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Not only the ‘shocking’ LHC verdict was discouraging for a majority of the people who, after a long time, started to develop faith in the courts but also this gender-biased approach towards justice came off demoralizing.
For ages, the crimes against women have gone unreported because of their reluctance to pursue cases formally as they lacked trust in the institutions.

But today marked new dawn as a three-member bench of the SC headed by Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khosa accepted the appeal of Khadija Siddiqui, overturned Shah Hussain’s acquittal and ordered his immediate arrest. After hearing from both sides, Supreme Court ruled in Khadija’s favour, declaring the LHC’s verdict null and void.

“Today is a victory for all women. Today for every woman, a precedent has been set that by raising your voice you will be victorious in the battle against the truth. The truth can never be hidden, it always comes to light. And today’s decision has proven that if you misuse your power, you will reap what you sow as has happened today.” – shared Khadija speaking to a local news source.

The social media community has also celebrated the verdict, calling it ‘hope’.

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