Memes: Twitter completely lost it after Maryam Nawaz shared an emotional dialogue about her father

See some hilarious memes here!


Maryam Nawaz Sharif has become quite popular due to her impulsive statements. She has aptly taken the position of her father and is leading the political front with full force. The graceful political leader is known for her emotionally appealing and bold statements.

Recently, Maryam shared another statement about her father, Nawaz Sharif’s struggles, and Twitter completely lost it. Maryam Nawaz asked people if they have ever seen anyone spend their life like him.

It feels as if Twitter was waiting for this. Maryam’s statement has given people an opportunity to treat us with some hilarious and entertaining memes.

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  • Mujhe bhi aisi takleefain uthani hyn jin sy meray kaarobar aur asaason mein 200% izafa ho jaiye ?

  • بی بی تمہیں غریب بندے کی تکلیف کا کیا پتہ آپ لوگ لینڈ کروزر میں گھومنے والے بندے ہو

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