Twitter Feud: Jawad Ahmed lashes out at PM Khan, Shaan Shahid comes forward to defend

Shaan Shahid, responding to the famous singer, questioned him about his silence about the past governments.

Two prominent names of Pakistan showbiz industry, Jawad Ahmed and Shaan Shahid engaged into a twitter feud after the former lashed out at PM Imran Khan.

Jawad Ahmed took to his Twitter to share his views about how PM Khan has not been able to handle the COVID-19 pandemic properly.

“Imran Khan is shrewd and shallow. Even now, he is playing politics on Sindh Govt. Corona Tigers is more important to him than people’s lives. To protect his politics, he is taking no hard decisions including convincing and stopping clergy. He’d be responsible for Pakistan’s devastation,” Jawad Ahmed wrote.

Shaan Shahid responding to the famous singer questioned him about his silence about the past governments.

“Shukar hai corrupt nahee hain … or jab corrupt log power mai thay to aap kahaan thay?,” the Zarrar actor replied.

Shaan Shahid continued, “It’s ok to do politics but not by putting down others ..our PM is fighting, struggling from internal threats, support him or tell us what you can do for our nation. How can you help Pakistan rise ..Politics is not about who is better but who can make the country better.”

The singer turned politician gave his response to the actor’s queries in a video message.

“Usually, I don’t respond to such comments and I really respect everyone from the showbiz industry, but the questions he raised require me to answer him,” he said in the video. “When he asked me where I was when there was corruption, so I was exactly where you were. I was singing, I was in the industry,” Jawad Ahmed stated.

Moreover, Jawad also claimed that Imran Khan had offered him to join his Pakistan Tehreek E Insaf in 2013 but he turned down his offer.

“In 2018, I contested in elections. I’m a part of the said politics, therefore I can critique. Imran Khan is the Prime Minister, I have a right to criticise him.”

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  • Jawad sahib keep singing as you did for last 20 years allowing corruption to get us into this mess. One should do what one is good at and you can sing.

  • یہ چوتیا آدمی ہے اس کی باتوں کو زیادہ
    سیریس مت لینا چاہیے

    اور آپ کو چاہیے کہ جواداحمد جیسے گھٹیا لوگوں کی نیوز مت دیا کرو

    یہ شخص عمران خان کے بغض میں پاگل ہو جائے گا

    • Yaar Gali na Dao media pey ess kameeney insan ko, duniya janti hey ess ghattis insan ko

  • Jawad needs to arise above petty arrogance , he like many others has a personal vendetta against PM IK , or greed speaks louder than patriotism . Shan on the other hand has always stood up for the well being of his country.

  • Jawwad is a flopped Singer doesn’t have any credits in his singing profession no popularity among masses so just trying for cheap popularity by unwise taunting at great Statesman Imran Khan who was already world renowned figure before entering into Political Arena so better Jawwad should know the bitter fact that he doesn’t have the potential to beat his area Counselor in local municipal elections better he must look at his zero stature don’t live in fools Paradise.

  • Jawad Ahmed saying rightly that he z in the politics n he has d right to criticize the governing body if government are on wrong side.

    • Politics is not for criticizing only.
      Main thing is what he has done in these difficult times.
      Politics on Twitter only?

  • Jawwad said he contested 2018 elections & didn’t tell he received shameful defeat by not grabbing a single vote in his favour so as he was a Flopped Singer so he proved a Flopped Politician and I would like to give him a better piece of advice for enhancing more popularity among masses he should learn Dancing now and start booking local wedding and birthday functions so that people should know about him first as he is wasting his time and money even by pasting his pic upon back of auto rickshaws publicising his BP political party and even then people don’t know who is he?So cuckoo better you go in public and introduce yourself and serve the masses as it’s golden chance for you during Covid19 and engage with them maintaining social distances rather than playing cheap shots at International Statured Imran Khan whereas here at local level common man doesn’t know who you are?Flop Singer now a Flop Politician better become a Dancer it would be much better profession for you to earn fame and then try to TWIST the politics around you with your sensual moves otherwise Stay Home Keep Safe.

    • Well said sir. This man is a flopped singer I had the opportunity to perform with him in Holland many years ago. He was rude stayed in his room came out at the last minute to perform with his hair wild and unkempt. He tried to sing but the karaoke machine broke he couldn’t sing as he is a miming artist con man. He knows nothing about poor people as he is a chor himself. Long live imran Khan insha allah we will see a difference in the country if these ppl let Imran do his job and support him. Allah bachai in jawad jesi choron say . From uk

  • Shan g is telling truth. Why are you not speak before
    Pakistan zindabad love you Imran khan

  • This is not politics time. Please use your fame to educate public with importance of precautionary measures to protect our nation against Corona Virus, as advised by PM too.

  • I think Jawad should keep singing even now.
    No need to stress your little brain now that you have sung your way into the mess corruption has made for past 20 years.

  • Jawad should keep Singing. No need to stress your little brain now that you have sun your way into this mess corruption of 20 years has made for us. just keep singing which is your only talent I guess.

  • Hate to say this but Jawad Ahmad is below par singer and incapable politician, he can help and become better politician if he works in his league and stop shouting on Imran Khan.

  • No one wants to listen the truth….. And thumbs up for you Mr. Jawad you told the truth in this video….. imran khan failed to fullfil his promises, which he did from last 22 years of his political so called struggle…. ??

  • Shaan shahid is the best.We all well known about jawad ahmed role in politics.He is a good singer and should be.We should support our PM Ik.He is doing his best.

  • Jawab Ahmad,please desist from using abusive language in politics at this moment of time when every opponent is trying to cook his own pudding without realizing the enormity of the present situation in the country. In my opinion the PM has set such an impartial example that for the last many decades masses have never experienced. He needs our help and support in this hour of calamity. Hope you ‘ll put aside politics and asses the situation in it’s present context and avoid blaming to further your interest if any.

  • Jawad, the Singer.. made more sense and logic. He should sing more for he least fits the shoes of Aam Admi, Karl Marx’s prodigy or Stalin. If he feels too much of a Rasputin he may roll it up his own damned self and not say no nonsense about one genius of a guy.. Ik!

  • I do agree with shaan shahid, this person is nothing but just entering in politics, he was sleeping during the curruption season, imran khan is doing best “jawad jasy logon k liay ham aj b utna he tax dety han jatna previous govt mian dety thay, vegitables prices are lowest from previous 10 years, open your eyes before asking questions”

  • Oh sir Jawad ahmed dont stress your pea sized brain over complex things like politics you surely know nothing about it and the corruption thats caused the country to drown like this shan is so right where in the motherflippin world were you when Pakistan was in the dumps???!! Its still in the dumps but PM here is trying his hardest! Hes doing so much and thinking so little of his wellbeing! Get your head out of your ass and think about the country! Talking about politics like you know shit about it… dumb hoe

  • Jawad just want keep himself in news that’s why he taken cheap publicity step… People not taking him seriously. All sensible and respectable peoples are with Imran khan…
    Can Jawad tell us that what’s the value of LIFAFA which he took from Bhagoora leeg for this senseless allegations on Imran Khan.
    One Ventilator for 1 lakh people in Punjab, well done SHOWBAAZ SHAREEF

  • Jawwad – when people beated you with their shoes for yr singing you joined politics since every one who fails in life joins politics so did you. World knows who & how qualified Imran Khan is, he is quite immune to your bullshit.

  • Shaan bhai aap hamaree SHAAN hy….Mohabbat or b bar gae hy aap k lye…
    Jawad bhai aap b hamary star hy boht respect hy g aap k lye b but aap tanqeed na kry hamay pyary P M IMRAN KHAN par …. aap b koi acha kaam kro tha k awam aap ko b zuada pasan kry

  • i dont understand the peoples who not digest the criticism on PM Khan or his party even when they are wrong in their decisions.
    PM is not an angel who brought from sky to run Pakistan. I laugh when PTI covers his mistakes by saying… “he is honest”. My dear Imran is a politician and no politician is straight. So, face ground reallities. Have courage to face mistakes and mishandling of power.

  • It’s really big foolishness if someone knows to the handle the covid 19 situation but not helping the country medical staff and army people as well. Jawaad is just making fool tonation to get so called popularity. Where was he when earlier sharif brothers and zardari looted the country, that time he was just barking at stage and collecting money and now he showing that he is big politician and humble for poor. Shame on him and his dirty character

  • He is just a simple chutia. Who doesn’t know shit about Politics. He is just a dick head.

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