Salahuddin Ayubi’s quote about traitors invites harsh criticism on Shan

Film actor Shan Shahid’s tweet regarding the treatment of traitors invited harsh criticism.

Armughan Shahid better known as Shan Shahid is once again in hot waters for his tweet referring to the quote of Emperor Salahuddin Ayubi. Shan has more than 500 films at his credit. He made his first debut by acting against Reema Khan in the film ‘Bulandi’.

Kill traitors before your enemies,” the quote shared by actor Shan read. The tweet invited a furor by feminists and others on Twitter calling it an extremely irresponsible move by the actor. The people have called it an open incitement to violence. Feminist Nida Kirmani replied to the Shan’s tweet saying, ” Why you tweeting this at this particular time?” She called him to act responsibly as artists should be the voices for peace.

People showed contempt over the aggressive tweet by Shan. Some user has said that it is a high time that hate mongers like Shan Shahid and Veena Malik just stick to selling housing property slots.

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“When a political party’s intellectual wing comprises of Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, Amir Liaquat Hussain, Hamza Abbasi, Shaan Shahid, and Veena Malik…,” criticized another person in reply to the quote shared by the actor.

Another person trolled the actor saying that he wonders why Shan keeps forgetting about his father’s struggle. In the 1970s the late father of film, the actor was a thorn in the eyes of establishment and was labeled as a traitor by Jamiat-i-Islam. Someone even asked him to refer to the book in which he came across the quote.

Salahuddin Ayubi was the Muslim conqueror of Kurdish ethnicity. He lead many military campaigns and his sultanate comprised of Hejaz, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Syria and other areas of North Africa. He was a great warrior and the first sultan of Egypt and Syria. People are also curious about whether the conqueror of Jerusalem had ever given these remarks on traitors or not. Earlier, Shan has been in the news after he appealed to the fellow countrymen to buy local currency at the expense of dollars.


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