Twitter laughs at India for relating Dhoni’s insignia to Pakistani flag

Indian cricketer MS. Dhoni wearing hand gloves with military’s symbol.

Indian star cricketer MS. Dhoni has been the moot point of discussion ever since he participated in the opening match of India for ICC World Cup 2019. He was wearing the gloves for wicket-keeping that have the inscription of India’s military symbol. Indian public and media began to support the move of wearing gloves and called it a symbol of pride and love for the nation. BCCI also advocated the cricketer’s move lest behind the anti-Pakistani section of Indian media.

The ultra-nationalist debate in India over hand-gloves of Dhoni

The move sparked an ultra-nationalistic debate in the South Asian Country and Indians began to call the Dhoni’s gloves as “symbol of pride”. 37-year-old Indian cricketer is also an honorary lieutenant colonel in the Indian army. Also “Dhoni to keep the gloves” became the most trending hashtag in India amid nationalistic furor over the hand gloves.

Fawad Chaudhary’s reaction

Pakistan’s Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Hussain Chaudhary reacted to what he called an ‘idiotic debate in Indian media’ and asked to let the cricket a gentleman’s game.

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The chauvinist Indians, however, had gone the extra mile in defending the army’s logo on the gloves of Mahendra Singh Dhoni and began to relate it with the Pakistani flag inscribed on the green shirts. Pakistan’s flag inscribed on the uniform of cricketers is just a national symbol however, the sporadic mindset of ultra-nationalist Indians can be well perceived by scrolling the past history of India in which it blamed Pakistan for every odd happening on its side of the border.


Marwi Memon’s Twitter reply

Marwi Memon of the ARY News reacted to the dull-witted argument of Indians saying, “I don’t think I had ever laughed harder in my life. Thanks, buddy!”. People highly trolled the foolish argument (on Twitter) by the Indian side of the border calling it a ‘joke’ and ‘compassion by neighbors to make us laugh’.

ICC’s viewpoint

International Cricket Council has said that the Dhoni would not be allowed to wear the army’s logo in the matches of ICC World Cup 2019. ICC further cleared that only the logos of manufacturers are allowed on gloves. The star cricketer wore the gloves with the army’s insignia breaching the rules permissible for wearing the gloves.

Somebody has just laughed on the nationalistic spike by saying that Dhoni must try his luck in the next Indian elections. He might win for sparking the nationalist furor presumably like that of the incumbent premier of India.





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