Twitter roasts journalist who called Imran Khan an ‘average cricketer’

Imram Khan cricketer
Imran Khan of Pakistan in action against India during a Champions Trophy match at Sharjah Stadium in the United Arab Emirates on 15th October 1989. Pakistan won by six wickets. (Photo by David Munden/Popperfoto via Getty Images/Getty Images)

Imran Khan is one of the greatest all-rounders the world of cricket has ever seen. However, in the recent time, due to his politics, many try to prove that he was not as good at cricket as portrayed.

This is exactly what happened when a Pakistani journalist – Hamza Azhar Salam – called the current Prime Minister of Pakistan “an average cricketer.” He claimed that Imran Khan isn’t among the greats of the game, who has played only a few good innings.

“IK’s real skill is brand building & perception management in which his sex appeal has played a part,” he added.

Soon after posting the tweet, netizens called him out. A social media user wrote that its “embarrassing” to post these stats and then claim that Imran Khan wasn’t one of the greatest cricketers ever.

Renowned cricket journalist, Jarrod Kimber, wrote that someone who doesn’t like Imran Khan’s politics goes on to say that he wasn’t a good cricketer.  He added: “A real “tell me you don’t know about cricket without telling me” moment.

The renowned journalist termed the Pakistani journalist claim a “a hilarious take of the genre”, who cut out Khan bowling average. “There are 9 people with more wickets than Imran at a lower average,” he stated.

Jarrod Kimber further wrote that its fine to disagree with Imran Khan’s politics. He advised people to stop with the “nonsense about his cricket.” He is easily one of the greatest cricketers ever. That’s not a brand, it’s a fact.”

After being immensely criticised by social media uses, the journalist deleted his tweet.

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