Twitter slams Anchor Jamil Farooqui over below the belt remarks regarding PTI leader’s sister

Sikander Fayyaz Bhadera is the additional secretary general of PTI South Punjab.

Jamil Farooqui Bol News anchorperson, Jamil Farooqui, is under fire on the social networking site, Twitter, over his insulting remarks regarding the sister of Pakistan Tehreek-E-Insaf’s leader, Sikander Fayyaz Bhadera.

Sikander Fayyaz Bhadera is the additional secretary general of PTI South Punjab. He also contested the general election in 2013 on a PTI ticket.

The PTI leader posted a TikTok video of Jamil Farooqui on his Twitter and captioned it with, “Coronavius Delta Variant creeping into countries.”

Although, it was just a simple joke but the Bol news anchor hit back with personal remarks regarding Bhadera’s sister.

Renowned journalist, Mehr Tarar, while criticising Jamil Farooqui said, “targeting someone’s family and females in a most filthy way is your response to a joke?”

Another Twitter user, Saadia Ahmed, asked everyone to report and block the anchorperson.

Here’s how other Twitter users are criticising Jameel Farooqui for his below the belt remarks:

Unfortunately, despite the anchor’s “disgusting” comments, some Twitter users came to his defense.

About Jameel Farooqui:

He works as an anchorperson at Bol news. He also hosts a current affair show, National Debate.

Author’s Take:

It is indeed an unfortunate reality of our society that whenever two men indulge in some argument, they start abusing each other’s sisters and mothers. For someone like Jamil Farooqui, who is followed on social media and watched on TV by thousands of people, it is even more disgusting to make such remarks.

It’s high time for every one of us to stop degrading each other’s families just to get back at one another.

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