Here Is How Twitter Thrashed Qurat Ul Ain Baloch For Calling Imran Khan An A** Hole

Pakistan’s hot singing sensation Qurat ul Ain Balouch finds herself in middle of controversy after she gave her two cents on Ayesha Gulalai – Imran Khan controversy, by choosing quite inappropriate words.


She took to Twitter actually ‘abusing’ Imran Khan, which as expected created a wild frenzy.

Her words not only offended Khan’s supporters but also got a reaction from the uninfluenced and unbiased Twitter    community as she is a public figure and she needs to be considerate while choosing her words.

Her fans also came up saying that her comments are straight up disrespect, and all the respect she earned in all these years, she lost with a single tweet.

She, being a public figure, of course perfectly knew the implications that her words can have and the reaction they can potentially cause, so people are seeing it as a publicity stunt or an effort to somehow stay relevant as well.

People assumed her as a ‘noon’ voter as well for coming up with such absurd remarks. 

Her act was perceived to be linked with Sharmeen’s controversy and well it is quite doubtful how these public personalities have made it a ‘trend’ to manipulate the social media community through inappropriate words and language as a shortcut to the headlines. Sooner or later this trend really needs to die as its farcical and giving a wrong direction to making the news, ie. creating a controversy and be famous.

QB also tried to give her explanation when bashed, saying that this is nothing as compared to what women face each day. Again, giving it a color of women advocacy.

Here is what other people had to say:


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