Twitter trolls Maryam Nawaz for illegally using bulletproof Mercedes

Actress Veena Malik trolls Maryam Nawaz for illegally using the government’s bulletproof vehicle – photo source Express Tribune.

Famous Pakistani actress quite often responds to public figures’ tweets and this time she has targeted Maryam Nawaz for unlawfully using the official vehicle. A couple of days ago, the actress trolled the tennis star Sania Mirza for allegedly taking her child to a Sheesha place.

Yesterday, a bulletproof Mercedes was retrieved from the Jati Umra residence of the former three times prime minister of the country. Special assistant to prime minister Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan took to Twitter and said that the recovery of missing goods started off from Jati Umra residence.

She said that the nation is getting buried under poverty whilst the Sharif family still enjoying the luxury cars. She also lamented that it a mere deception that on one side the party leader talks about public feelings inside the jail and enjoying the luxury vehicles at public expenses on the other side.

Veena Malik replied to the tweet of Maryam Nawaz in a sarcastic manner and said, “Still trying to loot Pakistan, My darling not happening anymore. Bulletproof Mercedes had been issued to then PM Nawaz by the PM’s Office. Sharif family didn’t return the official vehicle. Official vehicle was utilized by Maryam Nawaz. Shame on You for misusing.”

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In another tweet she continued: “CD letter to Maryam Nawaz, asking to return MBZ to Central Pool of Cars immediately but she turned a deaf ear to requests. The letter that the dignitary for whom the vehicle was provided is presently not utilizing the vehicle, therefore, it is required to be parked in office premises.”

The general public doesn’t let go any chance to give their response to the actions of past and present ruling elite. Someone has called it misuse and abuse of assets.


Another twitter user criticized this act of Maryam Nawaz using a proverb saying the wolf may lose his teeth but never its nature.


Yet another one expressed, “Is that the same girl who denied ownership to any of her property in London and in Pakistan as well.

National Accountability Bureau, currently, is doing an investigation related to the illegal use of government’s vehicles by Nawaz Sharif during his third term in the office of prime minister.

What do you think of an ongoing accountability drive? Is that a political victimization as narrated by opposition leaders or a real change to come 

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