Twitter just introduced ‘voice tweets’ and people think Lahoris should NEVER use them!

The whole 'Lahore accent' debate has once again been triggered!

Twitter has come out with a ‘voice tweets’ feature, which allows users to record their voices alongside text tweets to add context to them. But people are begging Lahoris to not use it.

Lahoris have often been trolled for their accent, and with this new feature, the whole ‘Lahori accent’ debate has once again become a thing.

Here’s what the people had to say:

Twitter’s new feature

While writing a tweet, the option for voice note shows up right next to the camera icon. The feature is only available for iOS users currently, but it will soon be available for everyone to use.

Since the platform only allows 280 characters in a single tweet, expressing views and opinions sometimes becomes a problem for users. Now, with this new feature, people can fully get their point across.

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