Twitterati Celebrates Al-Azizia Verdict

The Accountability court has convicted former Prime Minister, sentencing him for 7 years in prison in Al Aziza case while he has been acquitted in Flagship corruption reference.

Muhammad Arshad Malik, The accountability court Judge, reserved the verdict on December 19th and announced it today, stirring Pakistan’s political landscape once again. The court has also imposed a fine of $25 million in the  Al Azizia case. Hassan Nawaz and Hussain Nawaz, Nawaz Sharif’s sons, have been declared absconders in the case as well.

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The former ousted Prime Minister was arrested from the courtroom after the verdict was announced, and refused to go to Adiala Jail. Shortly after the decision was announced, Sharif requested to be shifted to Kot Lakhpat prison instead. His request was approved and he was shifted to Kot Lakhpat.
Maryam Nawaz reacted to the verdict, calling it a stamp on Sharif’s honesty. Taking to Twitter, she voiced her views regarding the decision, saying that it is ‘blind revenge’.

“Punishment to the same man for the fourth time. [This was] blind revenge’s last hiccup but victory is Nawaz Sharif’s, thank God. After two-and-a-half years of revenge-like accountability, after rummaging through three generations, not a penny’s worth of corruption, kickback or commission was found.” – she wrote her her series of tweets. 

Twitteratti has also reacted to the decision, and has, as expectedly, celebrated it. Here is what the Twitter community had to say about another historic, significant verdict shaping Pakistan’s political history:

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