Twitterati frantic with disappointment as PM Khan’s comments on harassment irk netizens [VIDEO]

Here's what he said.

Will the victim-blaming culture in Pakistan ever come to an end? According to official statistics, at least 11 rape cases are reported in Pakistan every day. Approximately, 22,000 rape cases have been reported to the police across the country in the last six years; however, only 77 accused have been convicted.

Ever wondered why victims never achieve justice? Because it always comes down to what the woman was wearing when she was sexually abused.

In most cases, hope for a rape survivor is already standing on thin ice. However, this hope declines further when the authorities and figures (they look up to) also point at the victims to take corrective actions. PM Imran Khan has also become part of this disappointing crowd now.

During a recent interview with HBO Axios, Prime Minister Imran Khan said:

If a woman is wearing very few clothes it will have an impact on men unless they are robots.

The confused host rephrased his question and asked:

But is it really going to provoke acts of sexual violence?

Maintaining his stance, PM Imran Khan proceeded to elaborate:

It depends on which society you live in. If in a society people haven’t seen that sort of thing, it will have an impact [on them]. Growing up in a society like yours, maybe it won’t impact you. This cultural imperialism … whatever is in our culture must be acceptable to everyone else.

The premier’s interview with Jonathan Swan of HBO Axios aired on the 20th of June. As soon as the video hit the internet, social media went into turmoil. What made the reactions worse was the fact that PM Imran Khan’s remarks on how women dress came right after another wave of sexual violence in Pakistan.

Here is how the netizens are reacting to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s victim-blaming statement:

Pakistanis are now wondering how will women ever achieve justice if the figure leading the country also has the victim-blaming mindset. If it were really about the clothes the victim was wearing, what about the 30-year-old Mukhtaran bibi wearing traditional Pakistani attire, what about the 13-year-old Kainat Soomro wearing her school uniform, and what about the 7-year-old Zainab Ansari who did not even know how to dress herself up properly?

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  • تالی دونوں ہاتھوں سے بجتی ہے…
    کچھ شہر دے لوک وی ہتھ وچ پھڑی پھردے سن
    کچھ سانوں وی لو کٹ ڈریس دا شوق وی سی

  • He clearly stated that clothes (or their lack of) have a bigger impact in repressed societies (which Pakistan is). The argument is not that every man becomes rapist, but it does move the distribution in the wrong direction.

  • He meant To say that men in Pakistani society are not brought up seeing women in western or revealing clothes. I am not talking about big cities like Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore or areas pike defence, Clifton or bahria town!! Majority of the Pakistanis don’t come across women because of segregated education and even segregated gatherings/weddings.
    Have you guys not noticed that vlogger from west always commenting on their videos that they hardly see women in public places in small places and in distant places of big cities.
    In west people grow up seeing women like that so it’s not a new thing for them and not tempting at all .
    Also, I would say most of the parents don’t focus on tarbiyat these days so it won’t take long for an uneducated man with no moral values and ethics to stoops low in a few minutes.
    The only way out is to be vigilant , modest dressing and be cautious while travelling alone or visiting someone by yourself and not to trust anyone except your family !!!!

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