‘Must be fair, must not be a TikToker’, Twitterati reacts to problematic matrimonial ad

These people come with their own opinions and suggestions, creating a long list of marital requirements.

In Pakistan, marriages are not only seen as a union between a husband and a wife but also as an alliance between their respective families. Considering this, many family members are involved in bringing two supposedly compatible people together in matrimony.

These people come with their own opinions and suggestions, creating a long list of marital requirements. Any future wedding discussions are considered only if a man or a woman fits the long list of prerequisites. Mostly, this list tends to fall on the shoulders of women in Pakistani society.

Recently, a Twitter user took to the social platform to share a screenshot of a problematic matrimonial advertisement. The user pointed out that among other requirements, the ad listed:

The girl “must not be TikToker” and “must not be a feminist”.

The requirements list did not just end there. The matrimonial ad went on to state:

The girl should “love and respect parents”, “should be mature and a graduate”, and “maximum age should be 21”.

Here is the problematic matrimonial ad:

The matrimonial ad instantly went viral on social media. It sparked massive outrage on Twitter, and many users shared the post to criticize it.

Here’s how the Twitterati is reacting to the problematic matrimonial ad:

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  • The ad is perfectly ok. The only problem is with the #AuratMarch Elite class woman of 0.00001% who nobody wants to marry and are mostly divorced man hating woman.
    These woman have already been used and exploited by low class men from the year 12 onwards. Now not even a Dog / Donkey looks at them.
    Good thing is other than internet and Twitter the vast majority of educated woman rspect their men and elders, the have value and know how to get respect.
    No sane person wants a Feminist and TikToker for obvious reason.. Elite Aunty tera time pass ho gaya ab jealous hoo..

  • People have a right not to want to be associated with prostitutes much less bring whores into their families.

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