Names of two foreign cricketers under consideration to replace Misbah as Pakistan coach

Sources have revealed that South Africa's Gary Kirsten or Zimbabwe's Grant Flower will replace Misbah.


The Pakistan Cricket Board has decided to remove Misbah-ul-Haq and bring in a foreign coach after the home series against South Africa.

Sources have revealed that South Africa’s Gary Kirsten or Zimbabwe’s Grant Flower will replace Misbah.

Gary Kristen is a South African cricket coach and former cricketer. He played 185 One Day Internationals and 101 Test matches for South Africa between 1993 and 2004, mainly as an opening batsman.

Kristen was the Indian Cricket Team coach from 2008 to 2011, going on to win the 2011 Cricket World Cup. He was appointed as the South African cricket team coach in June 2011, and he stepped down in August 2013.

Grant Flower is a Zimbabwean cricket coach and former cricketer. He is considered among the best Zimbabwean cricketers for his consistent left-arm spin and fine batting skills.

In May 2014, Flower was appointed as the Pakistan cricket team’s batting coach, and his contract was ended in 2019 by the PCB. Currently, he is the batting coach of the Sri Lanka cricket team.

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  • گرانٹ فلاور سے تو بہتر ہے محسن حسن خان کو ہی لگا دیں۔ بحرحال مصباح ناکام ہو چکا ہے اور اس کا سب سے برا قصور نا تجربہ کار کھلاڑیوں کی سلیکشن اور جہاں پہلے بیٹنگ کرنی چاہیئے وہاں بعد میں اور جہاں بعد میں کرنی چاہئیے تھی وہاں پہلے بیٹنگ کروانا ہے۔ آخری میچ میں نسیم شاہ کی جگہ سہیل خان کو اور یاسر شاہ کو نہ کھلا کر بھی بہت بڑی غلطی کی گئی۔ وقار یونس کی بھی چھٹی ہونی چاہیئے کہ یہ باؤلرز میں ذرا برابر بھی بہتری نہی لا سکا ہے۔ باؤلنگ کوچ باہر سے لایا جانا چاہیئے۔ پی سی بی کو چاہیئے کہ کامران غلام جیسے دو چار بیٹسمینوں کو اپنے خرچے پر آسٹریلیا یا نیوزی لینڈ میں ایک دو سیزن ڈومیسٹک کھلائے۔

  • Bring in Andy Flower instead. Shoaib Akhtar should be the bowling coach and bring Rashid Latif to the selection committee.

    • Being myself a fast bowler, bowlers ko coaching ki zarorat nai hoti aur agr hamare bowler itny he nikamy Han tou bowling coach b import kr lo cuz local launde politics mai pad jate han

  • Foriegn coaches idea was badly flopped in the past it cost millions to PCB these coaches bring their favourite staff as well so for heaven sake give a one year to Younis Khan and Shoaub akhter for our team

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