Two KPK Ministers Fearlessly Jogging In Peshawar Without Any Protocol

PTI’s governance strategy is deeply rooted in the notion that change can only be brought if the leaders think like an ordinary man.
They have always tried to practically show that they have concerns just like the people who voted for them.
Imran Khan claims that during his party’s government in KPK, the law and order situation has improved to an appreciable extent. They achieved this milestone by depoliticizing police, ensuring accountability and taking urgent action against anyone violating the rules.

To depict that their claims are valid and that the party has potential to cater the needs of a common man, two ministers of KPK were seen fearlessly jogging in Peshawar without any protocol.
This act conveyed a strong message regarding the improvement in security situation in Peshawar as well as inspired positive sentiments in people’s hearts for the government.

Watch this video of KPK ministers enjoying the fresh air and investing some time in themselves without any protocol:



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