Pakistan's biggest digital media platform Two Men Ordered To Pay 0.5 Million Each For Uploading Girl's Pictures on Facebook
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Two Men Ordered To Pay 0.5 Million Each For Uploading Girl’s Pictures on Facebook

A local court in Karachi ordered two men to pay 0.5 million each to a girl in compensation after illegally uploading her pictures on social media.

According to details, two men had uploaded a girl’s pictures on the social networking site Facebook without her consent.

The girl then lodged a cyber crime complaint against the two. Although, the case was still going on in the court but the two parties reached an agreement outside the court.

The girl who had earlier launched a cyber crime complaint against the two, later requested the court for settlement.

The court accepting the girl’s request ordered the accused to pay an amount of 0.5 million rupees each in compensation.

The cyber crime law has been proving a vital tool against such elements of the society who use social media to destroy the reputation of others.

The Federal Investigation Agency’s cyber crime wing has been quite active in handling the cyber related issues.

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