”Two million people from Karachi are suffering from mental health issues”

The figures were shared by Dr S. Haroon Ahmed, a senior psychiatrist.

According to a senior Karachi-based psychiatrist Dr. S. Haroon Ahmed, 2 million residents of the city are suffering from mental health issues. These issues include mental, emotional, intellectual or social adjustment disorders.

As Dawn reports, he further added that 300,000 among them are in desperate need or urgent care and if not taken proper care of, can develop everlasting issues and will fail to be a product element of the society.

The source of stats:

Pakistan Association for Mental Health president Dr. S. Haroon Ahmed shared these statistics at Arts Council during an event organized by PAMH. The topic of the event was to initiate a discussion on De-stigmatizing mental illnesses.

“Every second house in Karachi has one or more persons taking tranquilizers. Every fourth house has a psychosomatic/psychiatric problem and masked depressive disorder” – Dr. Ahmed said, citing results from a PAMH survey of mental health between the years 2007 and 2009.

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The current situation of mental health:

Speaking about the current situation of mental health in the country, he said that more than 34 percent of the population is suffering from some psychological issues – which reflects how desperately it requires our redressal.

“Stigma is a major impediment to accessing appropriate care by individuals with mental illness” – he added. 

”The prevalence of schizophrenia was only one percent but all psychological, emotional, psychosomatic conditions and even intellectual deficit were lumped as dangerous mental illness’” – Dr. Haroon Ahmed said speaking to the event. 

The stats from 2018:

During the year of 2018 alone, 1338 people took their own lives. The mental health issues pushed them to the borderline, where they only saw an escape in ending themselves. Due to stigma and low awareness about the issue, the people struggling don’t pursue help and rather isolate themselves – which worsens the situation.

Mental Health Issues in Pakistan


Mental health issues are as dangerous as any other disease. There needs to be an organized campaign about the awareness of mental illness. People need to be educated that it is totally okay to go to a psychiatrist.

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