Two Pakistani engineers create a prosthetic arm that can be operated from brain

As per a report, these two have helped 30 handicapped people through this initiative.



In order to help handicapped people of the nation, Mohammad Awais with the assistance of Anas Nazir, two engineers from Pakistan, has created a prosthetic arm (artificial body part). This is not any prosthetic arm, it can be controlled using your brain, like your natural arm.

The prosthesis is the procedure of substituting your natural body part like arm, leg, etc. with an artificial substitute. The prosthesis is designed for both cosmetic and functional reasons. For joins, prostheses can be for hip, elbow, ankle, finger joints and knee.

Working on this sphere has been going on for a long time and all around the globe, a lot of prototypes have been developed. Prosthetic body parts are more efficient when they are made acquiescent with the nerve cells of the brain, this way they can obey commands given to them by the brain.

The two engineers who made this project started working on bio-robotics in the course of a university project.

“Bionics was aimed at making a name for ourselves in the world of bio-robotics. Now we are working on bionic-based lower limbs and exoskeletons’’ – said Mohammad Awais, when talking to Dawn news.

Exoskeleton robots aren’t new, they are being studied for a long time now and all the designs focus on lower limbs. This duo, however, plans to focus on the knee joint, an intricate mechanical system within the body.

As per a report, these two have helped 30 handicapped people through their amazing work. As per the media, the fingers and hand movement of the prototype is controlled by the brain. One arm costs $2,000 or Rs. 300,000.

“We place sensors at locations in the body where the brain sends electric currents or signals to fingers, commanding them to move.” – said Anas Niaz, one of the two masterminds behind this project.

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