Two People Who Tried To Harass A Girl In Charsadda Arrested By KP Police Within 36 Hours

After recently the topic of sexual abuse that has been perceived as tabooed for ages has finally sparkled up conversations of how the culprit of severe crimes of rape needs to be punished severely, but it’s a fact that surity of punishment works effectively as compared to the severity of punishment.

This implies that quick action is needed against these culprits to put an end to such shameful practices. Following it, KPK police has set another brilliant example that shows the provincial authorities have taken this matter seriously applying it in their actions rather than only shallow words and temporary promises. Showing great efficiency and reflecting the calibre KPK police has arrested two suspects who tried to harass a girl in only thirty-six hours.

In Pakistan, where the procedure of punishment to the culprits takes ages and ages to finally conclude, this sets an example of how the security forces should act promptly and with full determination to make an example out of these brutal animals.

This is not the first time that KPK police has depicted their awareness of duty and the responsibility on them. Contrary to the picture that we previously saw where police, who is supposed to protect us, took the life of an innocent in a staged encounter, this role lights hope in hearts of Pakistanis that slowly and gradually but also on the same hand effectively are moving towards betterment.

Most of the cases of harassment are not reported because apart from societal stigmatization, there is a bond of mistrust between people and police where people think that reporting makes it further vulnerable to exploitation. We hope that the culprits will also be given the punishment they deserve to reestablish that bond of trust and reliability that we have unfortunately lost.

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