Will we observe two Ramadans in 2030?

It's one of the natural intricacies that comes with using a lunar calendar.

Two Ramadans in 2030.

Since Ramadan moves back approximately 10 to 11 days every year, the holy month will occur twice in the same (Gregorian) calendar year in 2030.

It is predicted to take place at the start of the year (6th of January) and then again towards the end of the year (26th of December).

This isn’t some new announcement from a government ministry. It’s one of the natural intricacies that comes with using a lunar calendar.

Before the time of high-spec telescopes, Ramadan was observed by sighting the new moon with the naked eye. The lunar calendar and cycles of the moon are what dictates when an event like Ramadan will fall.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Dubai Astronomy Group, Hassan Ahmed Al Hariri, said that witnessing two Ramadans in a single year should not be viewed as a phenomenon because the lunar month moves forward  11 days every year.

He added, “The lunar calendar and the solar calendar run separately and are different. The solar one is determined by the sun, while the lunar calendar is always 10 or 11 days shorter. So having two Ramadans is a natural outcome of having two different calendars.”

“Calendars were designed by humans so we could use it as a benchmark and calculate the time. People should see the two Ramadans as a natural thing,” he added.

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