Two Sisters Bravely Driving Scooty In Pakistan – Taking The Internet By Storm

According to UNISON, 50% of working women face sexual harassment in Pakistan (as of 2008). This alone is enough to reflect where we stand in terms of our social and moral values.
On one hand women in developing countries are talking about the glass ceiling, and on the contrary women in developing countries are still struggling to get themselves recognized as an equally important human being to their male counterparts to avail the basic rights.
Undoubtedly, the gender gap is one of the key reasons that we are failing to move forward.

Every woman who steps out of her house in Pakistan is met with the horrors of patriarchal society. Unfortunately, every woman has faced harassment at least once in her life, and if you travel by public transport, this can be your fate every day.

However, two amazing girls have broken the conventional shackles and have stepped out of their comfort zone to do something unique.
Can you believe that in a country where a girl can’t even safely cross the road without being catcalled or facing offensive stares, in the same country two fearless sisters are taking to the roads driving their pink scooty?
Well if you don’t believe it, you better do now!

Meet Noorelain Akbar and Yusra Akbar


Noorelain in the Facebook post talked about her younger sister Yusra, who drops and picks her up from work on scooty. She said that ever since their only brother moved out of the country, Yusra also runs household errands for her family.

Read the complete Facebook post here

However as expected, this brave effort to reclaim the roads comes with a price tag in Pakistan. She mentioned about the derogatory comments, awkward stares and catcalling they face on the daily basis. This definitely exposes the ugly face of our society.

Noor also thanked all the people who have supported their stance. Her Facebook post was met with mixed comments.


This definitely can be the beginning of a revolution. However, we do need to play our part. We on collective and individual level need to revisit our values and conduct towards others. Whether you belong to the opposite gender or the same, we need to challenge ourselves and let go of the oppressive behavior that has embedded in our personality, forming a stubborn habit.

Nonetheless, thank you Noor and Yusra for challenging our conventional ways and initiating something different and much-needed.

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