Two Suicide Incidents Compel the Punjab Police to Propose A Ban On PUBG

Further investigations of both the suicide incidents are underway.

A considerable population of Pakistan’s youth and adults have taken an immediate liking to the video game Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). PUBG is a battle royale game developed by a South Korean company.

Multiple players can connect online and play the game together. The game proceeds as the players face off and kill each other to become the last standing survivor – the victorious survivor.

However, recently things started spiraling in the opposite direction when two young people in Lahore allegedly committed suicide after being told to stop playing the popular video game PUBG.

The first incident occurred on Tuesday. A 16-year-old boy’s parents stopped him from playing PUBG, and he was so devastated that he ended up taking his own life. When the parents found their son’s lifeless body, they reported the incident at the Hanjarwal police station in Gulshan-e-Abbas’s Phase 2.

When the police started investigating the matter, the parents did not allow the officials to conduct a post-mortem autopsy. Due to this hindrance, the police registered the incident as a case of suicide.

The second incident occurred soon after the first. A 20-year-old boy’s parents told him to stop playing the online game PUBG, which prompted him to take his own life. The family resided in the Saddar Bazaar in the North Cantonment.

Further investigations of both the suicide incidents are underway. However, all of this compelled the police to propose a ban on the video game PUBG.

According to reports, the Deputy Inspected General (DIG) of Police (Operations Wing) Lahore, Ashfaq Khan, has decided to write a letter to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). In the letter, the  DIG will propose to put a permanent ban on the video game PUBG backed with circumstantial evidence of the two suicide incidents.

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  • I play this game as well as others on gaming counsels, why are you going to blame the game for bad parenting? Do we close  al the madrasas for few bad molvis?

    im overseas so dont care about the ban but it doesnt make sense to ban a game

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