Two Youngsters Get Their Fathers Arrested For Shaving Their Heads

A couple of youngsters has got their fathers behind the lockup for shaving their heads and eye-brows on the suspicion of stealing money from their homes.

As per the available details, a 16 year-old boy named Farman Ali submitted an application with the Chak Jhumra police against his own father, Basharat Ali, as well as his friend’s father, Ikram.

The applicant requested for action against Basharat Ali and Danish for shaving their heads and eye-brows for allegedly stealing Rs. 50,000 from their homes.

The application further reads that they were forced to get their heads and eye-brows shaved by Akhtar Ali. A case under sections 34, 337-V and 355 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) against Basharat, Ikram and Akhtar Ali was registered by the police.

Both Basharat Ali and Ikram were later on arrested by the police after the complainants produced medico-legal certificates.

In another case of robbery, a mobile phone shop in Khurianwala was looted by armed robbers as police stood like statues. Following the incident, locals of the area staged a protest against the police for letting the robbers get away unscathed.

On the other hand, the police has stated that an investigation has been launched into the case.


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  • If they were my kids —- I would disown them
    I think whoever arrested the father should be suspended from the services for brought to court and punished

    • You kidding that is Law whatever thay have done but father do not have right to shave their kids eye brows and head even if he have proof of theft yes, he can complaint for the same and get arrested

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